• Performance Sports Ignition Coil

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    High tension stuff

    Firstly lets look at the work of a coil and what it really does.

    Just like a power transformer converts mains 240 volts into a usable 9 volts for your charger or appliance a coil will increase the voltage.

    A car battery/alternator will generate a paltry 12volts, certainly not enough to jump an air gap and make up a spark.

    An ignition coil raises the voltage in some installations between 20 and up to 40,000 volts and this allows the roll-out of a spark which can jump the air gap between the plugs.

    A vehicle will have a coil involving the battery and also the distributor which feeds the charge consequently to each of the plugs, typically.

    (Most modern cars make use of an electronic ignition timing circuit to distribute the charge).

    Older cars use HT leads (high tension) to hold the charge to the plugs.

    In many modern engines there is a separate coil pack (a lead with a built in coil) with a separate coil for each and every spark plug. These are usually mounted directly along with the plug. Some engines have one coil driving 2 spark plugs.

    A faulty coil can also lessen the spark voltage to the point that no spark happens and you end up with a misfire. If you have only one coil and yes it fails completely your engine will not work. Typically a failing coil will start to misfire for a while before it fails.

    The coil does a difficult job of pushing a cars 12 volts up to 30,000 volts to permit the spark plug to create a useful ignition spark. A sports coil can enable larger sparks and better ignition.

    Having multiple coils allows the car to limp home with one less cylinder although in case you have a V6 or V8 engine the amount of coils can really push in the replacement cost. It also avoids the need to carry a high voltage charge along a HT lead to an engine as well as the associated problems of split or damaged leads and arcing.

    Try and get a spare when you have multiple coil packs then one fails. Very often, as our forum members can testify, the coil packs will often all fail within short succession.

    So, we now start performance ignition coil and coils packs.

    Sports coil

    We all know that heat build up can cause problems conductivity and resistance. In a high performance engine a lot more strain is put on the ignition coil.

    A sport coil is designed to tolerate the extra demands placed upon it.

    Sports coils also increase the capacity to the plug and theoretically allowing a greater spark. To profit from this you have to match a sports coil with a larger plug gap.

    Please note that manufactures set their plug gaps to consider the space between the tip in the plug and the top of the cylinder.

    If you set the space too wide then you risk the cylinder smashing off the end of your plug leaving a sharp metal fragment flying around in your cylinder.

  • Useful Guide to Surviving High School

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    Going to High School can be a pretty daunting prospect, I mean, how on earth are you supposed to survive for four years making friends, studying to pass exams and emerging a bright and confident young adult ready to take on the world?


    It’s bad enough surviving High School when you move up there with your friends and peers, moving to a new High School midway through is possibly one of the worst things that could happen to a teenager – potentially.
    Here are a few tips about how to survive your years at High School;
    • Finding the right friends – good friends are essential but you’ve got to remember that it’s all about balance, don’t sacrifice good grades in order to have fun all of the time. Try to avoid people who give you low self esteem or people who are the school troublemakers – these types often make a bee-line for the newbie but they are just bad news. Join sports clubs and activities to find proper friends, the more active the person the more friends they will attract.
    • Hang out with members of the opposite sex – you don’t have to actually start dating if it makes you feel uncomfortable but a good mixture of friends of both sexes can help you to grow, learn how to develop relationships, raise your self esteem and look cool too.

    Five teens hang out at park
    Five teens hang out at park

    • If you’re old enough to drive and lucky enough to have a car (there are some great ones at Cerritos Nissan) then this is bound to make you very popular indeed. Remember to drive carefully at all times and don’t get carried away showing off.
    • Other relationships which you should work to develop are good relationships with your teachers. There’s no need to be teachers’ pet, that’s incredibly un cool and will undo all of the good work you’ve been going so far but don’t be scared to ask your teacher for help if you don’t understand something. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.
    • Teachers sometimes get things wrong, they are after all only human but even if you know that they’re wrong don’t contradict them because that will just embarrass them in class and will not be in your best interests when it comes to your grades. If you know that they’ve made a mistake there’s nothing wrong in quietly telling them at the end of class.
    • If you find yourself the victim of bullying get help as soon as you can. Remember that bullies are cowards, if you stand up to any potential bullies immediately it will stop the situation from escalating out of control. Running away from the problem is not the solution to the problem but will only make it get worse in time. Stand up to them and set boundaries, they’ll soon back down and find someone else to pick on. If you do feel threatened then don’t be afraid to speak to your teachers or your parents, there is certainly no shame in that.
    • Remember to do your homework in good time. Learn how to organize your time to do the most important and urgent tasks first, you can always catch up on any reading etc when you’re on the bus or at break times.


    If you are a good student, always do your homework, get great grades and have fabulous parents then you have a great chance of getting a car as soon as you are old enough to get your license. Check out http://www.downtownnissan.com to see what’s on offer.

  • Forced air induction turbos vs superchargers


    Foie Gras with Air for engines!

    Both work on the very same principle they blow air into the engine under pressure.

    Both have a turbine which spins up depending on the engine speed and the higher the revs the greater the amount of air needs into the engine.

    There the similarity ends. The superchargers take the engine crank rotation and through a gearing system drive the turbine.

    Superchargers have a smooth power delivery right throughout the rev range even from low down.

    Turbos offer a sudden (FUN) power kick whereas supercharges are more progressive.

    Turbo chargers are a little different – they have two propellers one is driven by the exhaust gases, which is geared up to the intake propeller that sucks in the air.

    Due to the close proximity of exhaust gases there is a temperature problem. One of the better ways around this is by having an intercooler – it works just like a radiator and takes the heat out of the air intake charge. The intercooler can be sprayed with water or even nitrous to further cool down the air charge.


    Turbos spin faster and produce larger power gains but tend not to work at lower engine revs. This effect is known as turbo lag but makes a car fun to get due to the power coming in at about 1500 – 2000 revs often inside an explosive manner.

    Reducing the compression ratio of your engine helps to minimise the turbo lag and probability of detonation – other manufacturers use a smaller turbo or twin turbo to compensate just for this problem.

    Alternative methods to avoid detonation (where the extreme heat and pressure within the combustion chamber cause premature ignition damaging the engine) include higher octane fuel and a water injection system to damp things down.

    Turbo technology has come on bounds and leaps recently with low friction and pressure ceramic bearings – variable turbine geometry – twin turbo systems and turbo timing systems to control the volume of boost and vary it based on throttle position and engine load.

    By igniting fuel in the exhaust to keep the gasses flowing – a trick learnt from motorsport turbo applications, other turbo systems retain the turbo spinning off throttle.

    A forced air induction system can be added to any car while the engine management computer will need remapping.

    Please ignore the cheap DIY kits available. If they are not set up correctly with all the other components required to make things work smoothly, they are generally set up by using these low boost that they are not worth having or they will cause major problems.

    The fee for the turbo is only the start you will need to buy lots of other components to obtain it running – this is amongst the best modifications you can get but also is one of the most high-priced.

    When you get a turbo or larger replacement turbo purchase it from a specialist with understanding of your car and choose one that delivers a fitting service and GET A Guarantee.

    The fuel pump may also need to be uprated because the air in the cylinders is pressurised so the fuel pressure must be greater.

    Otherwise no fuel will squirt in the engine which will somewhat ruin the performance you were hoping for with the engine running lean. The engine gaskets and pipes must also be strong enough to handle the extra power and pressure.

    If you switch off the engine you should allow time for the turbo’s turbine to slow down and funky down.

    Using the engine off the oil flow will stop and a turbo spinning at 100,000 RPM will quickly consume the oil and overheat. A turbo timer helps keep the engine ticking over until the turbo is safely wound down but expect helpful men and women to say “you’ve left your engine running” when you park it. Please see the articles on Boost Controllers and Screamer pipes and Blow Off Valves to find out more.

  • Quick shift gear stick upgrade kits


    Time to be a bit shifty

    The gearstick is actually a lever which links to the gearbox.

    Underneath the gate we have essentially a pivot and the foot of the lever is what does the work changing gear.

    Some quick shift shafts possess a bend in them to allow extra leverage whilst keeping the gear knob in the same place.

    Simple physics applies here a shorter lever above the pivot and longer one below the pivot ensures that gear changes are quicker.

    More effort is needed but no gearbox should offer enough resistance to a gear change unless something is seriously wrong with it.

    When you have driven a car with a quick shift you will not want to go back to an ordinary long throw gear stick.

    A variety of quick shift kits are offered. When choosing one you should be aware of one that is adjustable.

    Each driver has his own preference and it is also fair to mention that each gearbox is different. In some the fastest setting may cause clearance problems.

    Once you have fitted the quick shift kit ensure that you can engage each gear easily. Sometimes the rubber blocks behind and below the lower shaft will rub and prevent smooth changes. Should this be the case adjust the quick shift and or shave away a few of the rubber that may be causing the fouling.

    When you have driven a car using a quick shift you will notice that the level of travel in the gear lever is substantially reduced. Around 40% shorter distances in some cases. This effectively make your gear changes faster and gives a more slick feeling. You will really not want to go back to an ordinary or long throw gear lever afterwards.

    Changing to your quick shifter is a relatively straightforward job. Sadly though cars are too different for people to offer general advice here.

    In some cars, you will need to jack up the front of the car and use axle stands to match it properly whilst others can be done virtually entirely from inside the car.

    Most quick shift kits come with instructions but also you can consult a workshop manual for you car if you are unsure.

    This modification is simple and really makes the car feel more sporty, although in real life your speed and agility is pretty much the same.

    If you want more advice on track day preparation, car modding or general driving techniques we suggest you join our modified car forum and get some specific tips for your personal car model.

  • Three Steps to Take to Adore Your Commute

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    Commuting doesn’t always have to be a chore. With just a couple of great purchases, you can make your daily trip to work awesome and a great time to get in a little me time. Here are three great things that you can get in your life to make your daily commute awesome instead of horrible.

    1. Have an Awesome Car


    Driving to work can be horrible if you are driving the same stale minivan that you use to drive the kids to soccer practice. Don’t be afraid to get a car that is just for your driving, such as the Nissan 370Z from Nissan Fontana. With the 370Z, you will have an awesome sports car that will really turn heads. You will have a great commute with the 370Z’s fantastic features such as a V6 engine, an 8-way adjustable seat, luxury interior and an optional convertible top. Check out all of the great features of the 370Z at http://metronissanredlands.com.

    2. Fantastic Entertainment System

    Whether you like audio books, podcasts or music during your commute, having a great entertainment system in your car is a necessity. Imagine on your trip being able to listen to just about anything you please with great sound. Upgrade your car to a system with Bluetooth connectivity to your phone and that will allow you to play music from great apps like Pandora and you can have a morning commute that is unlike anything you had before. Upgrading your stereo is one must have for a great commute.

    3. Disconnect While You’re on the Road


    Spend the time that you are driving home from work as a time to be disconnected from your phone. Besides being dangerous to text or talk on the phone while driving, being connected at every hour of every day can wear you out. Set aside the time that you are going to and from work for yourself and keep the phone put away unless there is an emergency. You will appreciate having some unplugged time where you can just focus on the drive.

  • Car Interior Cleaning

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    Its an inside job.

    The interior of the car is the place you spend much of your time and it is probably the most obvious place to start when conducting a car valet.

    Rather than endorsing lots of magic potions and lotionspotions and cleaning fluids we will go back to basics and look at cleaning methods using only basic tools/cleaning products.

    To begin with you normally have a lot of plastic surfaces in a car. These get grease from hands and layers of dust building up to them. The basic principle of car cleaning, start high and work lower also relates to the interior.

    1) Wipe off all plastic surfaces with a moist (not damp) cloth. This should pick up most of the grease and grime.

    2) Apply a very mild detergent to some water, washing up liquid is ok but the key here is a very mild detergent mix. Then rub the cloth moistened with mild detergent solution on any hard to shift marks and stains.

    Special surfaces. Some cars have special surfaces in them with trim made from carbon fibre, brushed and wood metal.

    Always be very careful on these areas, most will clean up just fine with some detergent and a good micro fibre cloth. A great furniture polish can work wonders on real wood trim but spray it with a cloth first so it doesn’t cover the plastics in a vehicle.

    Brushed metal is harder to clean. Kitchen shops will sell a metal cleaner intended for stainless steel sinks and normally, this is ideal but YOU MUST TEST IT Over A SMALL AREA FIRST. Some polishes when rubbed too difficult with get rid of the brushed create and finish a shiny patch.

    Do not use silicone sprays on the dash, it may look nice and shiny but leaves a sticky residue which attracts the dust and when this gets on the pedals it can be quite dangerous since it makes them extremely slippery. Using polishes on the dash are also a negative idea. Most drivers do this once, get blinded from the sun reflecting of it and vow never to do it again.

    Don’t overlook the interior of your respective car when it comes to cleaning it. You spend more time looking at this than the outside.

    Seats and upholstery.

    Cleansing the seats depends a lot of what they are made from. So, we are going to divide these cleanign tips into sections.

    Cloth seats.

    Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Run this over the surface and be sure to fold the seat fully back to get right into the corners and cracks. Then beat the seat with your hand to bring up any loose particles and repeat the process. Avoid wet cleaning seats simply because this can cause unsightly patches to show up.

    If you have stains on a cloth seat you need to use a carpet cleaners spray.

    We’ve found the foaming car upholstery cleaning products to operate quite well.

    Stubborn stains like chocolate, blood, grease and Biro will generally require other proprietary brands of stain removals.

    Using water, especially tepid water will set the stain inside the fabric so research the stain and use the proper detergent/solvent mix to remove it.

    Cleaning Leather seats.

    These are typically cleaned much in the same way as the dashboard and plastics with a moist cloth. It is necessary not to get the seats wet and buff them dry as you go. A great leather balm will help condition the leather. In the event it dries out it has a tendency to split and crack so the aim is to prevent the leather from drying out. That’s the large problem with leather.

    Please note that using shoe polish on leather can cause staining on light colored clothing. You can purchase leather dies that dry out unlike the typical wax shoe polish so these are a far greater bet but to get a colour match you may be committed to doing the whole seat.

    Glass cleaning is something that eludes many.

    Ignore all specialist glass cleaners on the market. Most will leave a residue on the surface. A professional window cleaner recommended to me a very slightly damp micro fibre cloth is one of the guidelines on how to clean the glass inside your car. It leaves a streak free finish. When you are leaving damp patches in the glass your cloth is too wet. You really only need to spray the cloth and work the mist with it for this to operate well.

    Cleaning car carpets

    Cleaning the carpets in your car is a pain because of the seats.

    It does assistance to move the seats fully forward whilst working on your back carpet after which slide them fully to open up the leading area.

    This process will allow you to get right into the hard to reach corners under you seats and have every last spec of dirt and dust.

    TorqueCars find that by using a stabbing motion with the brush attachment works quite well on carpets.

    Remove these and merely run your vacuum cleaner over them since this is much easier than trying to clean them whilst inside the car if your car is fitted with mats.

    NOTE: Your vacuum cleaner is incredibly likely to overheat whilst cleaning a car so be sure to change it off frequently and as you relocate to a different area.

    Carpet stains could be dealt with in the similar method to the method described for cleaning fabric seats.

    When you have finished cleaning your car you want to keep it like that. We strongly suggest the use of a fabric protection. It is generally sprayed on to dampen the carpet and then its left to dry developing a waterproof barrier on the fibres it protects. This way any stains or marks will not fully penetrate the fabric and will just lift off.

    To go about car cleaning in more detail please join our friendly forum where we cover every aspect of car ownership, diy maintenance and general tuning tips.

  • The Best Ways to Save Fuel

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    Don’t waste fuel by following our top tips.

    With escalating fuel costs it makes sense to look for ways to save fuel. The better fuel you conserve the better money you may save.


    We’ll look into the best fuel saving blow and tips a number of myths from the water.

    If everyone who read these guidelines just managed to save 1 mpg it could add up to a huge fuel help and saving the environment.

    By reading and applying these tips, in reality I do believe most people can save about 10-20% in fuel costs. To keep an eye on your MPG use an online fuel calculator.

    General servicing

    The following things can really affect your fuel consumption.

    Servicing – a regularly serviced and well maintained car will be more efficient and make use of less fuel. Pay particular attention to oil levels, spark plug condition and air filters.

    Tire pressures – having soft tires or slow punctures can cost up to 4 mpg, which adds up over time. Most drivers report better fuel economy at the high end of tire pressures but this needs to be balanced with all the vehicle load, use and manufacturers recommendations.


    Wheel alignment – if the wheels are out from alignment or you have a high friction hub issue you will be losing substantial amounts of fuel economy.

    Running the engine hot – a warm engine is a lot more efficient. Some drivers alter the thermostat for a hotter one and will usually gain a few addition MPG and avoid wasting fuel.

    Think of how much carbon we would save if we all followed one amongst the tips in this article.

    Modifications to the engine that do nothing

    There are a number of items out there claiming to give you extra fuel economy but most are downright fraudulent or at best so negligibly efficient at saving fuel they are not worth it.

    Magnets around the fuel line do nothing, fuel does not magnetize ionize or similar as claimed by the makers of such fuel magnets. Most are very weak magnets that clip on the fuel line. You could try taping a fridge magnet to the fuel line and see for your self how effective this is as an alternative to shell out over a miracle fuel saving magnet.

    Oil additives that bond to the engine. There are so many of the around out there. Most of the particles will get caught in the fuel filter anyway potentially clogging it up. There is very little evidence to support any oil additives. There is no substitute for getting a high quality engine oil in the first place and keeping it topped up.

    Beneficial additives and tuning methods

    Remapping an engine, chip tuning and SOME smart tuning boxes will increase your fuel economy. This must be specified because so many will increase performance. It is worth noting that most diesel engines remapped for performance will even return an improved fuel economy figure as they are working more effectively.

    Fuel saving tires also work. They lessen the rolling resistance so you must expect slightly less grip from them in some conditions nevertheless they can knock a few more MPG out of a tank.

    bgintakeclean2Petrol additives which help burn off carbon deposits can also work really well! I personally rate BG44K for petrol engines, & BG244K for diesels, it genuinely does help a car burn of carbon and definitely makes the engine run more efficiently.

    Conversion to LPG fuel usually means a big fuel saving. In the UK LPG duty is substantially less than petrol. Conversion is relatively easy and providing you have access to LPG fuel and the price of this is low you are in the win/win situation. (LPG conversions are not necessarily legal in most states/fuel and countries prices do vary.) You’ll also burn slightly more LPG fuel than petrol as it has a lower calorific value but the good deal more than offsets this difference.

    Driving tips

    Driving style has the single biggest impact on your fuel economy.

    Try and accelerate slowly, avoid braking and allow the automobile to slow up naturally as you approach junctions and quit signs. Heavy braking and accelerating are the enemy of fuel economy.

    The level of fuel used is directly related to just how much the accelerator is pushed. You will get around 80% of your engines performance at only 40-50% of throttle at low RPM. Pushing harder just potentially wastes fuel.

    Avoid stops altogether. If you can retain the car rolling at all times you can expect to save any additional fuel found it necessary to push against inertia.

    Turn off the engine. Newer cars are fitted with stop start engines that automatically do this in traffic. There is no reason why you can’t switch off your engine rather than allowing it to idle. In urban driving this can produce a big difference to fuel consumption. All the little bits of fuel you save will quickly add up with time.

    Drive more slowly, pushing on the highway speed limits uses significantly more fuel and only create a minor reduction to the journey time. Make an effort to cruise at 60 mph instead of 80 and see a 20-40% gain in your fuel economy. Driving at 80mph wastes a lot more fuel than you might use at 70, going at 60 sees a significant gain.

    Avoid short journeys. All short journeys use a lot more fuel than longer ones as fuel is wasted looking to get the engine to heat. You are more satisfied combining all your short trips into 1 day and running a warm engine or better still walk instead of using the car over short distances.

    Pass on your methods for saving fuel and driving economically and give your opinions on fuel saving devices.

    Choosing carefully

    Fuel choice can create a difference to your economy. Of all modern engines, particularly performance engines you will definitely get more MPG from the Higher Octane fuels. In most cases the additional cost of the fuel makes up for your saving but you’ll also benefit from more power.

    Putting low quality oil in may also dramatically increase engine wear. Not all oils are equal, the numbers and ratings of oil only tell part of the story. By topping up a low oil level for the correct level, i have noticed an instant improvement in mpg just.


    Different tires have differing rolling resistance, choose fuel saving tires with a low rolling resistance and the fuel savings will prove to add up over the life of the auto.

    Must you keep a roof rack about the car, any additional drag this creates constitutes a noticeable difference to your fuel economy. Driving around with open windows at high-speed will also create unnecessary drag.

  • Interesting, Historical Facts And Trivia About Cars

    Cars have been around for a very long time, since the late 1700’s in fact, so it stands to reason that there are quite a few interesting facts if you look back in their history. Here are just a few of them of the best:
    • Adolf Hitler was responsible for a lot of things in his lifetime, including the VW Beetle. He ordered Ferdinand Porsche to make a Volkswagen (literally “the peoples car”) which went on to be the VW Beetle. Rumor has it that he even sketched what he wanted the car to look like in the 1930’s and although there is a sketch from that period, nobody is entirely sure that he drew it.


    • Rolls Royce started out life with a cars body but the heart (or engine) of an airplane. The company was founded in 1906 by engineers Charles Stewart Rolls and his partner Frederick Henry Royce. The Silver Ghost was the first car to roll out of the factory that same year. This very same model set the record for negotiating 24,000 km in the Scottish reliability trials of 1907.
    • Before making his name in the automobile industry, a very young Henry Ford would fix his friends and family’s watches using tools which he had made himself, allegedly a filed nail was an early screw driver and a corset stay was adapted to be tweezers.
    • Back in 1916 an incredible 55% of all cars the world over were the Model T Ford, a record which remains unbroken to this day. Of course there’s a lot more competition these days.


    • One of the UK’s most luxurious car brands the Aston Martin was named after the founder of the company Lionel Martin who loved to race around Aston Hill close to Aston Clinton. During 1994 the Ford Motor Company bought the company and remained the owners until 2007. Ford still has shares in the company.
    • You may be surprised to hear that Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer and song-writer and for many the “father of reggae” owned a BMW. Not what you might expect is it? Well, he didn’t have the car because of the prestige attached to it – he simply liked the initials BMW which coincided with the initials of his band “Bob Marley & The Wailers”.


    • If you thought a joy stick was something developed only for airplanes and the modern gamer you’d be very much mistaken. The first cars on the roads didn’t have a steering wheel; they had a lever instead which worked exactly like the modern joy stick.
    • Have you ever wondered where some car names came from? Well, Volkswagen opted for the names of winds for many of their models. Polo is the polar winds, Golf relating to the gulf stream, Jetta the jet stream and Passat is the German word which means trade wind.
    • The Fiat motorcar brand actually stood for Fabbrica Italiana Automobil Torino – aka the Italian Auto Factory of Turin founded all the way back in 1899. At long beach fiat they’ve got a great selection of new and used Fiats as well as many other makes and models of motors to choose from. Check out the website at http://www.ocfiat.com to get a few ideas about what they have in stock right now.
    So there you are, a few interesting facts from the history of the automobile. Where would we be without them? The history of the automobile is so intertwined with the history and shaping of the world that it would be very difficult to imagine one without the other.

  • 1966 Corvette Restoration By Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive


    Scottsdale Automotive and Muffler is a car repair shop positioned inArizona and Tempe, on the border between Tempe and Scottsdale. In addition to being an over-all auto repair shop, and doing everything from brake service and repair to transmissions and mufflers, Scottsdale Muffler also is an expert in classic car restoration. One of many recent projects that Scottsdale Muffler was fortunate enough to become a participant in was the restoration of your 1966 Corvette. The ’66 Corvette is a beautiful automobile, made even more enticing by the fact that it’s original production was limited to a run of 277,000 cars. So, it’s a rare classic car and taking part in the restoration was definitely a very high point.

    A fantastic American classic, there was definitely a ton of work to do within the restoration and rebuilding of this automobile. Everything from the engine to the drivetrain, needed to be worked tirelessly on, and we were fortunate enough to possess a correct frame and body to make this project come through to the attractive conclusion that it has, as you have seen in these pictures. For more information on classic car restoration, and classic automobile rebuilding services please contact Scottsdale Muffler. Again, located on the border between Tempe and Scottsdale, in the heart of Arizona.”

  • Arizona Teen Car Buyer Should Get These Cars


    While you approach 15, you might start to get excited about earning your learner’s permit, followed up by the full license the next year. That will bring about thoughts of obtaining your initial car – a car you are going to remember forever because it was your first.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to have their parents buy them a brand new car once they get a driver’s license. In reality, few are. Instead, you’ll need to start thinking about buying your personal car.

    Beyond the price of the automobile itself, you’ll have to contemplate the overall cost of car ownership, which includes locating a trustworthy Arizona mechanic for car maintenance and professional Arizona car repair. Here’s everything you need to think of for buying a whole new car in Arizona:


    You need to know how much you can afford to spend, before you can think of buying a car. The first place to begin is with a budget.

    Write down how much cash you expect to help make each month after taxes and other deductions. If you work a side job like babysitting or lawn mowing, list what you have made for the last year (or as far back as you can or even a year) and make a monthly average.

    Make a list for any expenses you currently have. Include such things as going out with friends or buying clothes. The main difference between what you make and what you spend is how much extra you will need to put toward a car.

    Calculate the length of time it will take you to definitely save depending on your surplus income if you would like buy a car outright. Utilize your surplus to determine how much you can afford for a payment if you want to finance a car. Make sure to take out the monthly value ofgas and insurance, and expected car maintenance. Leave a little extra for savings in case of unexpected car repair.


    It may seem difficult to finance a car as being a teenager since you do not have an extensive credit history (and much more likely have zero credit history in any way). You can boost your likelihood of getting financing by coming up with a strong down payment (twenty percent or more) or by shopping at buy here pay here dealership, which extends financing to the people with no credit.

    Your best option is to convince your folks or another adult to serve as a co-signor for your loan. If you fail to pay, anyone would be accountable for your loan.


    You are going to pay far more for automobile insurance, as a teenager. In Arizona, you have to show proof of insurance to get your driver’s license, and you need to have bodily property and injury damage coverage. You must have bodily injury coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 total per accident, and you must have property damage coverage of $ten thousand per accident. This insurance covers damages caused when you are in an accident that is going to be your fault.

    Your insurance rates will go up if you drive an expensive vehicle with a powerful engine, or if you get any driving violations. You can bring your rates down by permitting on your parents’ policy (should they let you), having a driver’s education course, and looking after good grades.

    Car Maintenance

    Locating a reputable Scottsdale Mechanic to perform your car maintenance could be a major expense, but it’s not one for which many people budget. You’ll need ongoing maintenance like oilalignments and changes, brake checks and tire rotations. You’ll also need to budget for unexpected car repair.

    By using a great mechanic will help you reduce your expenses in that category. The right mechanic will help you bring down repair costs by developing the right maintenance schedule and doing great work. You might also earn discounts by being a loyal customer.

    Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive is actually a reputable mechanic in Arizona providing reliable Tempe car maintenance and car repair services. We are happy to work with teens to help them consider the best good care of their first cars so they last into the college years and beyond. We can also provide teens using the right education to take care of their cars through healthy driving and maintenance habits.